We Provide More Than You Expect

    Complete System Training

    Guchi Robotics provide "up to down" training in Automation industry. Not only giving you basic knowledge like robot teaching, PLC, Mechanical, furthermore, we will deeply train you all knowledge around automation by different applications, advanced programming, Vision system, Safety, even robot maintenance. We hope after system training, you can be more experienced than us. We summarized that after complete technical training by Guchi, unit efficiency can increase 25%-50%, Engineering team member can be decreased 10%-25%.

    Engineering Proposal Optimization

    Technical Proposal is not only related to cost you paid, it will acute influence the materials you choosing, design realization, machining and manufacturing quality, difficulty of installation and commissioning, and even it may impact the running efficiency which will make you lose money day by day. So Guchi Robotics provide the service to help you to re-verifying and optimize the proposal and give you the better solution. We summarized that our optimized engineering proposal will bring 10%-25% cost saving, meantime execution duration can save 3%-5%.



    Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

    PdM is highest technology in automation industry, the machine(system) repair or maintenance based on condition which is continuously check and analyze in a certain cycle by monitor. The failure rate of PdM is much less than Corrective Maintenance and cost is extremely lower than Preventive Maintenance. Guchi Robotics invent monitoring sensor to collect the information from IPC and specific data which may not provided actively by equipment to evaluate their condition avoid failures. Recognize machine component misalignment, defective bearing, bent need signal analysis (es. vibration, torque,..) And then, all those data will deliver to Analysis software to give final report and recording. As long as deviation is higher than tolerance, the analysis software will inform maintenance team to closely watch on them. We summarized that using this monitoring and analysis system, emergency situation can reduce 90%-95%, and total repair/ Maintenance cost will decrease 25%-30%.

    Sharing Economy - Spare Parts Inventory

    We are stepping into the age of sharing economy, and manufacturing company will be involved whatever initiative hit or passive receive, and whenever, soon or later, Guchi-Robotics is organizing not only customers, also partners even competitors to set up a sharing inventory for spare parts. In order to clear redundant inventory, furthest stimulate capital circulation, make cash flow healthy and invest the money into the area which could really bring benefits to the enterprise, this platform will be the right way for the companies join in. And this inventory will be fully open for membership companies, only negligible operation charge need to be also shared by all members according to the parts value the member received and provided . Based on the trail operation experience, We assume the sharing spare parts Inventory can increase system integrator 5%-10% pure margin, save 50%-75% spare parts investment for production company.