Our Vision

    It is undeniable that industrial Robots replace human beings to work

    at the condition with high accuracy, high strength, high repeatability

    and severe environment is a irreversible trend. This makes human

    beings liberate productive forces, focus on thinking and creativity.

    Guchi, which was named according to the sound from steam training

    engine during getting rolling, it represent "continuous power". And this

    for us means "Constant motivation". As a new type of Hi-Tech company

    our vision is to realize productivity liberation for the people all over the

    earth. Our products are not only robots and applications, we also provide

    engineering solution, product improvement and innovation, long-term

    predictive maintenance, and spare parts inventory sharing service.Even

    more, we wish to deliver the know-how to you, train you become robot

    expert like as us.


    Guchi-robotics innovative technologies are making more efficient,more

    economic, more safe with new production mode, and save more green

    for NextGen.